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Pricing Your Contract

Pricing to win a contract involves research and know how, this self-paced course can guide you in the fundamentals of pricing to win while also making a profit.

COMING 11/21/2022

Lazy Mans Guide To Preparing a Capability Statement

Skip the headache or preparing your capability statement and let us do it for you.

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Teaming Agreement Template

Teaming as a prime or subcontractor on government contracts requires a written agreement here you can purchase a teaming agreement template.

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Gov Con 101

This is a great online course for newbies to government contracts. It will remove all of the red tape in getting started. Click the link for more information on what this course entails.

COMING 11/21/2022

Secret Behind Teaming Agreements

Teaming agreements must address several factors which are discussed in this online course. Tap the button to find out what this course entails.

COMING 11/21/2022

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